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Genius-To-Be: MUSIC


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Book Description:

Genius-To-Be is an educational compilation of children’s stories meant to spark curiosity, nurture spirituality, encourage conversation, and inspire creativity in the minds of the youth. Series 1 covers the alphabet with sign language and definitions, numbers including patterns and the Fibonacci sequence, shapes in 2D & 3D, the importance of growth, eating healthy, and exercise, and the concepts of color and music. Genius-To-Be is filled with art, vocabulary, and concepts driven to promote an open line of communication between parents and children. An early start, consistent reading, and the freedom to think and learn before or outside of school is the key to genius!

Author Biography:

Kenya Hadnot is a natural born writer and artist who is passionate about making a difference in the world. Her father, Kent Hadnot, authored several books and she knew one day she’d follow his footsteps. Kenya strongly believes in investing in early childhood education as well as parental involvement with the educational process. With a background in Journalism, a minor in Educational Psychology (Creative Studies), and a love for knowledge, spirituality, innovation, and change, Kenya decided to create a series of children’s books dedicated to teaching, encouraging, and inspiring young children to be leaders and creators.